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Mr. Denys Remedios, BA, RRP, CVP, CLMCP, CHRP - Forensic Vocational Specialist / Catestrophic Case Manager  / Career Counsellor: Has over 27 years of extensive experience in providing vocational rehabilitation and assessment; catastrophic case management; and business/career/life coach counselling.
Mr. Remedios has engaged in the above-noted services for the following groups of clientele: Casualty, Group Life and Health Insurers; Lawyers; Employers; various Injured and Disabled Individuals (ages ranging from 13 to adulthood); and the General Public. He has direct experience working with the Brain and Spinal-cord Injured; the Developmentally Delayed; the Emotionally Distraught; Young Offenders; Individuals of Pediatric ages (13 to 17); and Members of the General Population seeking Vocational and Life Coach Counselling Assistance. Mr. Remedios has established his career as a Forensic Vocational Specialist / Career Counsellor working in the development, study, and execution of Computerized Transferable Skills Analyses and Vocational Related Testing Mechanisms. He is the sole proprietor of New Realm Vocational & Management Services Inc. (NRVMS), which was established in 2005 as a Medico-Legal Independent Examination Firm. 
Furthermore, Mr. Remedios has been responsible for the development and delivery of many unique vocational situational assessment concepts. These concepts are designed to focus on relevant skill areas to assist individuals with their return to work efforts and/or activities of normal living.Current Vocational Evaluation related processes utilized by Mr. Remedios within the context of his Vocational Analysis include the following: Academic Achievement, Aptitude, Interest, and Temperament Factor Assessment Testing; in conjunction with a Multi-Faceted Manual and Computerized Transferable Skills Analytical Process.
This procedure is designed for optimal selection of suitable vocational alternatives based on the individual’s level of education, training, and experience; in conjunction with said individual’s current physical/emotional/cognitive state. Over the past 27 years, Mr. Remedios continues to develop an Economic and Employment Trend Data Base for the Ontario Region of Canada to better address Labour Market Research. This data base utilizes Economic and Employment Trend Research Information which has been collectively obtained over the past 20 years and is cycled in and out of the system on a yearly basis within a computerized construct.  Information/Data gathered from said research is being utilized in the future development of new and improving Canadian Based Transferable Skills Analysis Systems that will incorporate both Job Readiness Preparation, Vocational Counselling, and Placement Education factors.
Furthermore, the program analysis systematically addresses selection of potential vocational alternatives for a multitude of different clientele including individuals with cognitive and physical needs in the hope of returning such individuals into either gainful employment, and/or the development of appropriate vocational rehabilitation efforts. Most recently, Mr. Remedios has established a sister organization, now in its 7th year of operation, named (NRVMS Elite). The sister company provides Life/Career and Business Coaching to both Individuals and Businesses; and Career/Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Businesses in the form of Life/Career Counselling Support; and Business and Marketing Plan Development. Mr. Remedios has been recognized and accepted as an 'Expert Witness' in numerous legal challenges within the field of Vocational Rehabilitation and Vocational Assessment.


New Realm Vocational & Management Services Inc.
120 Eglinton Avenue East, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON   M4P 1E2
t: 416-322-2936    Toll-Free: 1-844-744-4387

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